Spinal deformities

Complex spinal deformities usually involve both the bony component (vertebrae) and the neural component (spinal cord and nerves). Being a Neuro-spine surgeon, Dr Bushan has the required expertise to treat both the components and thus ensure optimum results.

Case Studies

Goutham:is a 17 year old boy who had severe thorasic scoliosis with paralysis of both his legs. He had been bedridden for 5 months prior to surgery. Dr Bushan performed a complex 8 hour surgery which involved correcting the spinal deformity and releasing the compressed nerves. 4 days after surgery , Goutham started moving his legs and he was walking in a months time.

Lakshmi:is a 11 year old girl who had progressively increasing deformity of her back as a result of abnormal fluid collection within her spinal cord (Neuro-muscular Scoliosis). As the first step , patient underwent 2 surgeries to reduce the fluid in the spinal cord . This was followed a couple of months later by a 6 hour surgery to straighten her back. The surgery was a success and Lakshmi is enjoying a normal childhood.