Recurrent Disc Prolapse

Lumbar disc surgey is one of the commonest spine surgeries performed world wide . The surgery is safe , usually does not take more than hour and provides immedieate pain relief for the patient. During the surgery , only the part of the disc which is damaged and compressing the nerve is removed. The remaining normal disc is left behind to provide support to the adjacent bones. Several years down the road , the disc which was initially normal , could once again get damaged and compress the nerve. This is called a recurrent disc prolapse . The chance of this happening varies from 5-18 percent . Careful operating techniques and diligent attention to detail have resulted in Dr Bushan having a recurrent disc rate of less than 5 %.

Dr Bushan also has developed special expertise in the management of recurrent disc prolapse. He gets patients from all over the country for the treatment of this difficult problem. Extensive scar tissue formation at the site of the initial surgery can involve the spinal nerves and increase the risk of complications such as nerve damage , wound infection , CSF leak etc. Dr Bushan has been providing excellent results for patients with recurrent disc prolapse for several years now.