Key Hole Surgery

Dr Bushan Joseph is one of a small group of surgeons doing Endoscopic surgery for Lumbar Disc Prolapse on a routine basis in India.

An endoscopic discectomy is a minimally invasive surgery in which herniated disc material is removed through a half inch long incision in the back at the site of the slipped disc. Instead of cutting the muscles, dilators are used to stretch the muscles and create space for the endoscope and operating instruments. The disc fragments are then removed and the intact part of the disc is left to heal on its own. The incision will be closed from inside and there will be no external stitches. Rarely a patient may require 3-4 stiches.

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The patient can expect the endoscopic discectomy to take roughly an hour, depending on the size of the patient and the nature of the ruptured disc. Though an endoscopic discectomy has a faster recovery period than open surgery, it is not preferable in all cases. The doctor will determine which type of surgery is appropriate for each case.